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Jiangsu Haitai

Specializing in the production and development of marine deck machinery and marine engineering machinery
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Jiangsu Haitai

Jiangsu Haitai Ship's Whole Set Limited Company was founded in 1995.For a long time the company has established a cooperation partnership on technical cooperation with the major research institutes of China State Shipbuilding Corporation, such as No.701 Institute, No.702 Institute, No.704Institute, No.708 Institute, SDARI and Shanghai Bestway Ship Design Engineering Co., Ltd. Company products are mainly equipped with naval vessels, research ships, engineering vessels, offshore platforms, passenger and cargo ships, oil tankers and so on.

The company's registered capital is 20million and annual value is 250million. The main products are electric and hydraulic windlasses which are within φ120mm, electric and hydraulic mooring winches and capstans which are within 1500KN, electric and hydraulic slewing & luffing cranes which are within 150T/45M, and large and middle sized deck machineries, such as engineering winches and towing winches.

Jiangsu Haitai

Starting from the first day, customers are always our priority and core principles. We provide premium quality products, quality services and competitive price to achieve continuous support from all customers, military and others aspect. Since 2003, HTM had established long term cooperation relationship with SEC in the Netherlands, NORCRANE in Norway and TITAN in Singapore.

Carrying with depth sincere and great passion, HTM looking forward to make more friends, partners, associate from global.


Jiangsu Haitai
Jiangsu Haitai
Jiangsu Haitai

HTM manufacturing plant area covers up to 100,000M2, with more than 200 sets of facilities and equipment, including CNC cutting machine, surface treatment, CNC lathe machine, grinding machine,boring machine and others. We also have 5 units of test bench for machinery and crane testing purpose, area approximately 100,000M2.

On our production, we invest numerous of machine and tools, this can help us to produce high quality product and increase the production efficiency. We do have the clean zone which special for hydraulic assembly, this can ensure the cleanliness on product system and avoid contamination.

Recently, we build a fully automatic blasting and painting workshop,this can minimise the process and improve on the production system efficient level. Said unit is fulfilling government rules and regulations, which fully automatically control the temperature andventilation, this can minimise the harmful to operators.

Equipped with all advanced and high technology facilities, HTM keep improving product quality and promise to produce qualityproduct.

03 HAITAI SHIP’S WHOLE SET HAITAI SHIP’S WHOLE SET 04 On HTM testing facilities, we do have 350T winch pull test bench and 3500T.M crane test bench.

On the winch pull test bench, we can perform 6 units of winch to test at the same time. On the crane test bench, there are 3 categorizes which included 1500T.M, 2500T.M and 3500T.M.

Technical and test capacity are in lead level of the industry.

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