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Haitai Shipbuilding's first large-scale hoisting equipment

Recently, in the production workshop of Jiangsu Haitai Marine Complete Equipment Co., Ltd., it was seen that several large cranes were running at the same time, adding full horsepower to rushing an order for a 10T×4 deck loading and driving project.

Jiangsu Haitai Ship Products Going to European Market

【Abstract】In the first half of the year, the sales revenue was 68 million yuan. At the end of July, it held a valid contract of 236 million yuan.   Since the beginning of this year, although the ship market is still sluggish and the demand for the ship's supporting market is not strong, the two main economic indicators of Jiangsu Haitai Shipbuilding Equipment Co., Ltd., sales revenue and hand-held orders, have not fallen but increased. From January to June, the company's complete equipment sales revenue reached 68 million yuan, an increase of 18% from the same period last year; as of the end of July, the effective handheld contract amount reached 236 million yuan, an increase of 38.8% from the same period last year.

Ship and shipping industry: Ship equipment manufacturing industry faces a "price cut crisis"

Recently, some domestic media reported that since the low-margin shipbuilding orders began to be received this summer, my country's shipbuilding companies have demanded that ship equipment manufacturers lower their prices. Among them, private shipyards have greater demand for price reduction than state-owned shipyards.

The Chinese brand of marine supporting equipment becomes self-reliant

Recently, on the fifteenth anniversary of the establishment of Beijing Hailanxin Data Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Hailanxin or company), the two giants in the domestic shipbuilding industry, the central and private enterprises

my country's first complete development of domestically produced complete sets of equipment for marine power stations

Xinhuanet.com, September 19th (Reporter Wang Wei) China National Shipbuilding Industry Corporation undertook a localized "ship power station complete equipment development" project. After nearly two years of scientific research in related units, it passed the product technical appraisal on the 19th. This is the first complete set of ship automatic power station equipment independently developed by China.
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